The advantages of a portable pizza oven

Pizza ovens can be very very big and as a general rule of thumb are made from bricks and cement, making them a permanent fixture and definitely not portable. Over recent years this has changed though with many freestanding, portable pizza ovens coming onto the market making it so easy to cook your own wood-fired pizza at home.

portable pizza oven can be an excellent addition to any home or lifestyle and will provide great entertainment when visiting friends and family members get to cook their very own special and personalized meal . If you love to eat freshly baked pizzas on a regular basis, but can’t have your own permanent oven then you should read the following information on the advantages of owning a portable and compact pizza oven.

Ooni Portable pizza ovens in a shop

Portability & Storage

If you have a small garden or yard then you really don’t want anything too large taking up the space, so a portable pizza oven is the ideal solution for those who still want to make their own traditional pizzas at home.

These can be easily stored indoors, or in a shed or garage or even taken to someone else’s house for special occasions. Whilst they won’t always be super light due the fact they will have a cooking stone in them, their metal structure still makes them light enough to be portable.

If you do want to keep yours outside then many brands have accessories like waterproof covers to better store your portable oven, but be aware that they’re not indestructible and if there’s going to be a blizzard or hurricane then it’s best to move them indoors !

Quick to heat up

While a brick oven may take at least an hour to heat up, you will find that some portable ovens take as little as 15 minutes to reach optimum temperatures of 950°F (500°C) , although you will need to take the outside temperature into account, adding perhaps an extra 5-10 minutes in low ambient temperatures. This means you can be eating pizza within half an hour!

Cooking pizza in the yard

Quick to cool down

The metal on most portable ovens will cool down within 30 minutes making it safe to touch and move. After an hour entire oven will be cool which means that it can be safely packed and stored away.

Being able to pack it away quickly can be seen as a great benefit but the only downside is that these ovens won’t store as much heat and will cool quickly due to the lack on insulation when compared to a tradition brick wood-fired oven. This will limit some of the foods you can cook, so pizzas, flatbreads, vegetables etc are all fine but things like slow-cooked brisket etc just won’t work.


Before investing in a portable oven for baking pizzas do your research to ensure your money is well spent for your requirements. Prices range from $200 to $1000 depending on the brand, size and fuel type.

This is still cheaper than a permanent oven and will also be something you can take with you if your move property so even if you’re in a rental you can still enjoy amazing pizzas.

As they’re quick to heat up you may start making your own friday night pizza for small change rather than spending $20 on takeout. That all adds up and chips away at your initial outlay.


How easy is it to clean? The fact is that due to the intense high temperatures that pizza ovens reach there really is little need to clean your pizza oven as any debris will simply burn off leaving you a clean and sanitary surface to cook in.

It’s worth noting that as these types of portable oven are usually of a metal construction, those with steel parts may be susceptible to rusting or a burnt patina but these surfaces can be restored by using the correct cleaners.

Don’t overcomplicate things

Though there is the temptation to go for an appliance with many settings and adjustments, this is not actually such an important factor. Pizzas are usually cooked on the same temperature and for the same amount of time so there is very little you need to monitor and the simplicity is what adds to the cooking experience.

Make your decision

Today there are literally dozens of options when it comes to portable pizza ovens so take your time to study the latest designs, decide on your budget, read reviews, and hopefully use this page as a guide for making your investment in a portable pizza oven.

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