Super Simple Corn on the Cob

This is possibly one of the most simple and easiest recipes for cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven but the results are amazing, giving you the most wonderful tasting corn on the cob you’ve ever had.

Make sure when you buy your corn from the grocery store that you buy them with their husks on as you will be putting them in the oven exactly like that.

Now, it really doesn’t matter what temperature your pizza oven is at, it will just mean shorter or longer cooking times, so don’t stress and just put your husked cobs in your oven. A higher temperature is fine, so perhaps after you’ve finished cooking pizzas, which means you can keep cooking and make the most of your oven.

After a while the husks will start to burn and blacken but you will find that the sweetcorn will be gently roasting inside of that protection. Looking at the photo below you will see that the husks are burnt and shrivelled but the corn is lovely and golden.

The husks are really easy to pull back and snap off, and then we suggest you add some butter and sea salt to enhance the flavours.

One of the alluring features of cooking in a wood-fired oven is the rawness of it, the primal timeless nature of cooking with fire, and cooking your sweetcorn in this manner definitely keeps true to that feeling. That being said, you can also cook these in portable ovens such as an Ooni. Enjoy.

Corn on the Cob in its husk
Adem Djemil
Hey. I’m Adem and I'm the founder of Pizza Oven Club. I built my first brick pizza oven in 2016 and have been eating amazing wood-fired pizza ever since!