DIY Build your own pizza oven

Pizza Ovens Slabs 2

In 2016 I decided to build my own pizza oven and after many hours reading posts on various forums along with watching YouTube videos I came up with a project on how to build my very own wood-fired pizza oven. I opted for what is called a ‘Pompeii oven’ and this article will take you …

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Is it worth getting a pizza oven?

Is it worth getting a pizza oven

Are you thinking about getting a pizza oven for your home? If so, you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment or the time to build one yourself or perhaps buying a portable pizza oven you can pack away. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of owning a pizza oven to …

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Want to make your own pizza oven?

Make your own pizza oven

It’s always good to have a dream, and if you’re on this website then it’s likely your dream is to build your own pizza oven but what does it take to build your own? There are are few questions that need to be answered first though, and it’s worth having a really good think and …

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12 tips for hosting a pizza oven party

Pizza Box for a pizza oven party

If it was just about eating pizza then you probably wouldn’t need to go through the process of building a wood-fired pizza oven, and would settle for cooking your shop bought pizza in your kitchen oven or ordering a takeaway but once you have a proper pizza oven then there’s a lot more theatre to …

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The best wood for your pizza oven

Best wood for pizza oven

Using the correct type of wood or fuel in your wood fired pizza oven will ensure you can get the very high temperatures and sustained heat required to get the best tasting pizzas so here’s everything you need to know. Hardwood is the best wood for a pizza oven The ideal cooking environment for cooking …

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How does a pizza oven work?

How does a pizza oven work?

Using a pizza oven can seem like an artform, and in many ways it is, but by understanding how it works you can start to understand the best ways to cook your food and get the results you desire. The short answer How do wood-fired pizza ovens work? A simple explanation is that a fire …

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Pizza Oven Manufacturers

Gozney Pizza Oven

There are quite a number of manufacturers of wood fired pizza ovens – most located in Europe or the United States, although there are smaller companies located across the globe too. There’s a lot of variety out there from lightweight portable ovens to more larger permanent brick ovens fueled by either wood or gas. Some …

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The advantages of a portable pizza oven

Ooni Portable pizza ovens in a shop

Pizza ovens can be very very big and as a general rule of thumb are made from bricks and cement, making them a permanent fixture and definitely not portable. Over recent years this has changed though with many freestanding, portable pizza ovens coming onto the market making it so easy to cook your own wood-fired …

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The Decision To Buy Or Build A Pizza Oven

Which type of oven should you get?

For the casual pizza maker, it seems fairly obvious to purchase a smaller, cheaper and/or simpler pizza oven for your creations. For the avid pizza connoisseur however, the choice to build or buy your pizza oven may not be as easy. There are many factors which would influence your decision either way. Buy your oven …

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Do pizza ovens make better pizza?

Cooking in a commercial pizza oven

Yes. That’s the simple answer and the main reason is due to the maximum temperature a pizza oven can reach (930°F/500°C) compared to the normal oven you will have in a domestic kitchen (460°F/240°C). Did you know that in Naples, the birthplace of pizza, there is the Neapolitan Pizza Association, which say a true Neapolitan …

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